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IT Consulting and Business Analysis:

serviceInfurm Technologies provides consulting services in the areas of Business Analysis and Software Architecture.

Business Analysis (BA) is the process of identifying business and potential user needs and determining solutions to these problems. This process is the first and most important in the software development and results in the vision, software requirements specification and business/user workflows. The better and more precisely this process is carried out, the greater the chances will be that implemented software will meet the client and user expectations and needs.

Software design and specification is the next step in the software development process, and it determines the structure, software elements/modules and relations among them, technologies, tools, approaches, user interface and APIs of the future software based on the software requirements. Software Architecture definition is an important part of the development whether development team uses waterfall, iterative or Agile development methodologies.

  • Ability to handout the development documentation to any development team world wide.
  • Reduced risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding between the Product Owner and development team.
  • Reduced costs of code changes at later stages of the development because of requirements and architecture changes.
  • Reduced costs of fixing errors and inconsistencies in specification and business logic if they found at this stage.
  • Business process analysis for projects of automation.
  • Project Vision and Scope definition (Vision and Scope document creation.)
  • Software Requirements specification (SRS document creation.)
  • Appropriate technologies and development approaches picking.
  • Software Architecture and Design specification (Software Architecture document creation.)
  • High-level development costs estimation.
Infurm Technologies provides consulting services in the field of QA integration and automation of the testing process. The process of testing is related with design, development and maintenance of software products and aims to determine whether they satisfy specified requirements and are fit for purpose, as well as to detect defects. Our Quality Control Engineering Team can bring a number of benefits to your project.

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